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Hawk 289 Series

Based on the type of car seen in the sixties, both on the roads and in competition, the Hawk 289 series provides a range of body styles on a common chassis design. Whether you just want a top class kit with this style and appearance, or one which has all the motive power of the originals, Hawk Cars can provide a solution.

Hawk 289

With a large number of manufacturers producing 427 replicas, varying greatly in both originality of shape and quality of manufacture, the absence from the market of a high quality, accurate replica of the earlier 289 model was very evident, and it is to the discerning band of people who appreciate the classic lines and subtle styling of this car, we offer the elegant Hawk 289 and its stablemates.

Hawk Cars have been responsible for the highly acclaimed HF2000 and 3000 replicas for many years, and the same high, aesthetic and engineering standards have been applied to the Hawk 289 range. In the Hawk 289 range, we feel that we have produced cars which offer Quality, Authenticity and Performance - Cars for the Classic Connoisseur.

Hawk 289

These are the only cars of their type with an authentic shaped bodyshell, not only externally but also internally. Areas such as the dashboard and interior door mouldings, which are the usual replica 'give-aways', can be finished as original. Even the shape of the white, spare wheel-well is true to its ancestry.

Mechanically, all the Hawk 289s use components from the MGB, although a Jaguar IRS unit can simply be fitted in place of the MGB live axle if required. All chassis are bracketed to accommodate either system so an upgrade to Jaguar can be done at any stage. Front suspension without the crossmember is used, and the steering rack and column are retained. At the back, the axle and modified suspension are used. The MGB brakes are also utilised on the Hawk although a 4 pot, vented conversion is available. An independent suspension upgrade is also available to replace the MGB components with more effective units suitable for this kit.

Rover V8 or small block Ford V8 engines power the Hawk 289, providing strength, power and ease of maintenance, and being mounted low in the chassis for stability, no deviation from the original bonnet shape is required. The Hawk 1.8 & 2.6 are ideally suited to the Triumph 2.5 straight 6 or the 4 cylinder MGB 1800ce engines. We have chosen this drive train and running gear combination to provide a very quick car with flexible and pin sharp handling.

We place a high value on our reputation for excellence, and all our chassis engineering and fibreglass work is produced 'in-house' to a rigid specification. Selected components are bought-in only from specialist suppliers who are able to meet and maintain the high standards on which we insist.

Hawk 289 hardtop

To eliminate some of the main problems faced by the home constructor, the Hawk 289 body/chassis is supplied with all bulkheads, inner wheel arches, boot and cockpit floors bonded in position, and with the body aligned and bolted to the chassis. Door, bonnet and boot lid are pre-fitted the body using secret hinges, and original style door catches can be fitted if required. Hawk Cars are also able to offer a quality hardtop to fit these cars.

SVA/IVA Compliant

Any of the cars in this range can also be supplied in various stages of completion, and we will be pleased to discuss individual requirements or answer any queries you may have. The Hawk 289 is also available as an IVA compliant model for purchasers who wish to build and register their car in the UK.

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